Special Parts drop rate

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Walter RobertoWalter Roberto Forum SpeakerWalter RobertoComments: 21 ✭✭✭
PK, this drop rate is ridiculous. As gamers, we must feel the ingame objectives are doable, and I'm seeing they're not: The Viper requires 130 parts, I have 18 so far, 4 of which came out a crate, ans the Beelzebub needs 155 parts, I have ZERO.
Look at it from our perspective, please: we only get a drop about half the time, and then maybe 5% or less to get a lvl 10 (of course on a lvl 41 base, where we have to spend resourses to win), soooo, you're expecting someone to wait 700 years to get a mech??
And I guarantee you I'm not paying 1 cent for an unfinished game where everything is overpriced. The parts alone for the new mech would set me back almost 40€, with a lvl 2 Swarm.
Do you know I can buy a real robot with that money?
Most guys that started playing at the same I did are GONE, and new players don't last very long, it's you call.
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  • Elwood JarvisElwood Jarvis Forum Dweller Elwood JarvisComments: 9 ✭✭
    I must have been having crazy luck with them, then, cause I get a part or two about 75% of the time... It would be nice, though to have that chance increased. It'd certainly help give people a chance at getting Elites without feeling the P2W need to spend money at every "requirement" to...
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