Low Tier Elite Mech Suggestion

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Elwood JarvisElwood Jarvis Forum DwellerElwood JarvisComments: 9 ✭✭
Razor JGR-NT (Elite Mech)

Appearance: Core similar to Viper, only red instead of green and with gold decor; Legs similar to Panther, also red with gold decor; Arms are to hold decorated, katana-like blades. On top of Core is to be a small missile rack similar to that of Tiger, only stacked horizontally (2 high 3 wide) instead of vertically) and with the expected red color.

Description: While a reckless concept in itself, the Razor JGR-NT makes up for it in agility and a spare missile rack to ensure that nothing goes wrong!

Weapon Slots: 3
Armor Slots: 2
Shield Slots: 1
Special Slots: 2

Health: 200
Weight: 25
Max Weight: 300
Speed: 75

Special Weapons- Tempered Razor (x2)
Damage per hit: 40-60 (TBD)
Range: 50
Weight: 50
Area of Effect: 45 degrees to either side of direction that mech is facing.

Pre-equipped: Level 4 Photon Shield, Level 3 Dynamic Armor (x2), Level 3 Fury RL-17, Level 3 Spider Web NMS-16, Level 3 Valkyrie EMC-2

Notes: Once again, I can't provide imaging for this, as I am no good at making images of such high quality that can be displayed in-game. Also, I should add that the "JGR-NT" segment of the mech name is part of a shoutout to a Christopher John Taylor for his participation in supporting my previous suggestion as well as this one with name suggestions. I look forward to reading the comments on this one... I feel like this might get a bit heated, for some people...
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  • Nathan SmithNathan Smith Forum Dweller Nathan SmithComments: 8 ✭✭
    I like the concept, (It's actually really good) But the type of weapons listed and since I am assuming it is a low-tier robot, around tiers 2 or 3, I think it needs a heavy re-balance. (But keep the katanas, cause why the heck not?!) Here is a small suggestion of said re-balance.

    -removal of rocket pods and such, only weapons should be the katanas (because why not?)
    -stock armor top should be Tier I Layered (x2)
    -stock health MUST be reduced to 100, since 500 stock health is very OP, not even Shark has that much stock
    -stock shields should be Tier I Photon Shield
    -stock special component should be a new component, the "Warspite LRS-1, which makes the bot invisible to enemy units and cannot be targeted for 30 seconds into a battle.

    This should be a Tier 3 Elite bot.

    Other then that, everything is legit. This would be a great bot, and should be added into the game.
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  • Elwood JarvisElwood Jarvis Forum Dweller Elwood JarvisComments: 9 ✭✭
    Thing is, there's only one weapon that can fire at long range with this mech, if you keep the blades. If you remove that, you remove the mechs one "safe weapon". As for the equipment, I did the math so that the weight would match the weight limit on the mech as close as I could without going over. I can see what you're going for, but that could probably be outsourced to a different mech. I WILL, however, lower the health count as you suggested. I was going for something around the Tiger's level, only as an Elite to make it lower tier, but I definitely see your point.
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  • Nathan SmithNathan Smith Forum Dweller Nathan SmithComments: 8 ✭✭
    Maybe give it an Aegis I mounted in the nose instead of the rocket launchers? Then it would be a solid all-round bot.
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