Parts exchange? Login rewards?

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The hundreds of low tier parts vs the very few top tier parts dropping is rough.. I know you cant just turn it up and I'm not saying we aren't winning enough elites via activity which was a nice feature intro for activity and as a clan leader I thank you given the fact its getting harder and harder to keep new players and veteran actives interested in logging in daily..

Login rewards? Would likely give people incentive to log in, premise is for logging in they get some sort of reward obviously.. MANY other games set it up as a lottery "spin the wheel" type deal where you can win anything from 10 fuel to 100 gold, res , etc..

Parts exchange? Be able to trade parts for either upper tier parts or even fuel maybe? Would also likely bolster activity and in doing so spending over all with more interest..

And as always I gotta end with more PvP plz. You guys got a great game here, gotta pick up content other than elite events in the near future otherwise your just shooting yourselves in the foot long term income wise.. Don't go crazy like others and confuse the fck outta us with changes.. Just clan wars, PvP via SF vs SF would be great.. Even if you have to reuse old maps and just turn up the difficulty can we have main missions back too?

Ty for taking the time to read my pipe dreams lol :cool:
Bacon :cool:
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