Patch-note 12/22

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Hello everyone! The last update 12/21 caused a lot of discussions in the community, so we decided to change some details and released a patch on December, 22. Here is the patch-note:
  1. The experience amount is almost the same as before the update (we’ve removed that change).
  2. We fixed an issue with a wrong price of defence weapons’ installation.
  3. Price and required time for robots’ construction became more moderate and they are almost the same as before the update.
  4. A minimal loot from the opponents’ bases was increased by 15-30% (depends on a base level). A maximum loot is counted as before!
  5. Squadrons’ loot was increased by 10-15% (depends on a squadrons’ level).
  6. Depots’ capacity was increased from 110% to 130% of the maximum amount that the most expensive upgrade requires on your current level.

    What does it mean? For example, the most expensive upgrade (or research or construction) costs 100 Uranium. This means that your Uranium depots can contain 130 Uranium at the most (instead of 110 before the patch).

So, what are the final results?


Level 40+ players receive 3 more ranking points for a victory with any number of stars.

Resources available to get:

- from squadrons: down by ~27% (depends on a squadron level);
- from opponents’ bases: down by ~25%;
- from mines and rifts: up by ~50%;
- for quest completing: up by 50%.

More: the resources ratio in squadrons was changed from 70/30 to 80/20 (main/extra). This helps collect needed resources more effectively.

Prices and time required for upgrades and construction:

- technologies: down by ~35%;
- buildings: down by ~20-35% mostly;
- robots: price and time changed in different ways.

Prices and time for researches:

Prices were decreased mostly, time was changed in different ways.

Depots’ capacity:

Depots’ capacity was changed according to new prices for upgrades. It depends on the most expensive upgrade on player’s current level now. All the resources players have stay over the new limits. Once again, the cost of upgrades was decreased along with the depots’ capacity.
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  • Mike RichardsonMike Richardson Forum Dweller Mike RichardsonComments: 3 ✭✭
    still me this 💩 as today was hit 8 freaking times 5 out of the 8 didn't even star me but yet they get ress for what get their squad kill by a base they don't have no business hitting and they get reward for hit by getting ress from the player who they hit that is 💩 to me as i get no reward for having a base they cant kill well they walk away with 2mill because they hit me twice and died both times they hit me with out even giving a star that this 💩 in my opinion if you cant even star a person base you shouldn't get any thing as all this teach themo i can farm a higher level for he or shes ress as i return the hits they i received and 3 started them and didn't get near the resource i got tooken from me so how is fair it not your game is broken you all in to fix it
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  • Fito SanFito San Forum Dweller Fito SanComments: 4 ✭✭
    yo nesecito un clan tengo tacticas como las del futbol y me han servido mucho y quiero compartirlos
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  • Fito SanFito San Forum Dweller Fito SanComments: 4 ✭✭
    Por favor alguien me ayuda
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