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By the love of Talos, give back the same value to ARMA Convoy Raids! From over 480k in T-Mineral to 182k from lvl 37 Convoy Raids is absurd! Why the need for it anyways? I'm only playing now to send the Request for my Friends who still play it somewhat active...

Just make the loot exactly what it was before this new patch/update (which sucked anyways aside the new stuff on the Armory & Defense Lab)
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  • Dan TurnbaughDan Turnbaugh Forum Dweller Dan TurnbaughComments: 3 ✭✭
    Yep I'm done till they put the payout back up, it does no good to attack other players cause they don't have any either, and I'm not sitting and attacking a lvl 37 40+ times to get enough to do upgrades while fighting off raids, this is a money grab like Kixeye started doing, that's why I stopped playing their games too
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  • Nathan SmithNathan Smith Forum Dweller Nathan SmithComments: 8 ✭✭
    I miss the good rewards, too. Maybe they will change it back, maybe not, but I highly agree with your suggestion.

    PS: Talos for the win!
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  • Robert W. KovachRobert W. Kovach Forum Dweller Robert W. KovachComments: 2 ✭✭
    i totally agree. it's ridiculous to even attempt hitting anything anymore! i think it's time they raise the payouts back to the way they used to be! I'd also like to see this game allow us to use Facebook Game Cards! i'm not gonna use my Credit Card on websites! too many hackers out there.
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