New Mech Idea (Tier VI)

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One of my own ideas, This is the Kolossi KM-60. This is a large robot, about a bit taller than anaconda. It has two legs, based off the KM-40's chassis, but with riveted armor plates on the frontal plates of each leg. The body is a fully cast rectangle-shaped piece, with a small hemisphere on top with an armored casemate on top, mounting optics and such. On the back, two large smokestacks are mounted, along with four small thrusters. The arms are two large hexagon-shaped turrets mounting one B-13 Cannon in each, with two small casemates below them mounting dual Maxim machine guns.

Base Health:950
Base Weight:10
Maximum Weight:250
Range Boost:0
Weapon Slots:4
Armor Slots:4
Special Equipment Slots:2
Shield Slots:1

Stock Equipment:
2x BP-4 Vengeance IV
2x TP-M Aeris II
4x Dynamic Armor II
1x SN-3 Hawk IV
1x A3-9 Bezerker IV
1x Power Shield IV

By the statistics, it would form good as a break through robot for quite some time, and once replaced, would be good at defense, since it has such slow speed but massive amounts of armor and firepower. Well, This is the end of my idea, and I hope it gets added! Suggest ways on how it could be improved!
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