The KM-40 Series of bots: The Kalashnikov of Titans?

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The KM-40 series of robots is a great and well-known series of robots. With the KM-40, M-40C Grizzly, the M-103 Hector, and NS-4 Cyclops, these are all robots based off of the KM-40, so they should be called so. So, let me begin to tell you why this robot series is the Kalashnikov of Titans.

To get us on our feet, the series of KM-40 robots are by far the most reliable. Any of them can mount a nice arsenal of weapons, armor, shields and special components. Heck, the KM-40 can have more than 1,000 HP, (which is immortal at it's tier) and big guns, along with good speed and range. Even if they are outclassed by, let's say, some anaconda, they can be in numbers and sweep the floor with them. Then we move to the universally loved M-40C Grizzly, which can mount the best weapons, armor, shields, and components. It will be the backbone of your army for a long time, since it has everything you need from a robot. Next, the NS-4 Cyclops and M-103 Hector. Both act somewhat similarly, but the Hector has more health (slightly) while the Cyclops has much more carry weight, meaning that while the Hector will last you just as long as a Grizzly, the Cyclops will last longer than both since it can carry much more powerful parts. Because of this, the Cyclops is the Pinnacle of the KM-40 type, since it is the more universal robot than either the M-40C Grizzly or the M-103 Hector. Since they all are easy to use, easy to build, and easy to modify, they are by far the Kalashnikov of Titans, truly a great recognition of a robot.
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