New idea + Building: Surplus Bay!

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Nathan SmithNathan Smith Forum DwellerNathan SmithComments: 8 ✭✭
For starters, we ALL have a main squadron of robots that has great weapons, armor, and everything else. But, let's say you want to give one robot different weapons that another robot already has. So, why not add the ability to STORE weapons/shields/armor/special components?Then, you could give that one robot the weapons it needs for it's proper role, or give some other robot the armor you need! For this task, we need A new building that will be EXTREMELY useful for anybody! Introducing, the Surplus Bay! This is where you store said parts, and is a new tab on the bottom of the screen. It starts with 10 slots, and each upgrade adds 5 slots. Each weapon would take up one slot. It will be a great addition to the game, and many people will find it useful.
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