New unit: Ozga the Destroyer (1/17/17)

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New unit in the Dragonling's Store: Ozga the Destroyer!

You asked us to add him in the game as a troop, so we did it :) Check out his stats below!
Ozga the Destroyer is available to get in the Dragonling's Store from level 10.

Initial stats:

Damage: 85
Health: 440
Movement range: 4
Initiative: 135

Maximum stats:

Damage: 850
Health: 4450
Movement range: 7
Initiative: 370

Passive ability:

Attacking enemy soldiers increases damage by 25% to 100% maximum. Every third attack restores a use of the 'Furious Madness' ability.

Active abilities:

'Combat Warg': instant ability that doesn't end the soldiers turn. Ozga can move 4 (7 after full upgrade) squares. For 4 turns his skillful trick riding will give him 30% protection, but his speed will decrease by 1 (4 after full upgrade).

'Furious Madness': this battle cry will add all the soldiers +40 (+400 after full upgrade), increase Ozga's attack by 25% and 360 (3650 after full upgrade) injuries don't hurt Ozga.
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