Update: new elite robot 'Karakurt' (2/7/17)

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What’s new:
  • ART-33 ‘Karakurt’ new elite robot

    ‘Karakurt’ is a test model of Mechworks XI elite robot. It’s fitted with ‘Bulwark’ special component which allows to transform robot into a fixed turret (robot can’t move) and also get a bonus on the range and damage of any weapon.

    A potential range is shown with an indicator when ‘Karakurt’ is in the robot-mode. Range bonus allows ‘Karakurt’ to keep away from the firing envelope of many defense weapons.

    If you wanna transform ‘Karakurt’ to a regular robot, just activate ‘Bulwark’ again. The number of these transformations is unlimited.

    ‘Karakurt’ has +50% range bonus, just as any long-range robots. This bonus is also applied to ‘Bulwark’ special component effect.

This offer is available for 24h right after 'Hammer' robot is researched.

What’s changed:
  • Report system in the game chat has been changed

    From now on all the reports will be received to admins right after you click ‘Make a complaint and block messages from this player’ button. This means we’ll be able to process your reports faster.
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