New 'Archon' elite robot, replays report system (2/15/17)

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What’s new:
  • KH-54 ‘Archon’ new elite robot (offer)

    ‘Archon’ is a long-range robot of Mechworks XI. It’s fitted with ‘Coordinator’ special component, which adds 17-30% to fire rate to all the units in the area (any robots or defensive buildings if ‘Archon’ is in the base defence). All the units affected by ‘Coordinator’ have an icon above them.

    ‘Coordinator’ is quite similar with ‘Clarion’ special component which ‘Hectors’ are equipped with, but it’s more powerful :)

    Important! We’ve detected an issue when players could set a squadron with 6 ‘Hectors’ and increase the fire rate up to +75%. This affects game balance a lot, so we’ve decided to switch off this effect: every robot will get a bonus just once, regardless the number of ‘Hectors’ or ‘Archons’ in the squadron.

    This offer is available for 24h right after 'Panther' robot is researched.

  • Report system for base attacks replays

    You can report about an error or cheater by clicking the ‘Report an issue’ button during the replay watching. If your suspicions are verified, the attacker may even be banned from the game.

What’s changed:
  • Level 45+ players will get +2 rating points for each victory.
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