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What is the Clan Tournament?

Clan tournaments are weekly events held separately from the global top. All clans can take part in them without having to apply.

The main goal is to score as many rating points as you can during the tournament by raiding the players’ bases. The matchmaking and other rules are just the same as in regular PvPs.

Rating calculation rules:

The results of the tournament take into account all battles against other player bases started during the tournament.
There are no penalties on tournament rating (e.g. losses from your base destroyed).

Tournament duration:
Tournaments start every week (tournaments start every Wednesday, 20:00 UTC) and last for 4 days.
Once the tournament is over, the results are calculated, which means that it could take a little time before the final results are known and the prizes are distributed to their rightful owners.

Award rules:
Members of the top 10 clans with an individual rating above 0 will receive rewards at the end of the tournament.
Players who took part in the tournament, but left or were dismissed from the clan before the end of the tournament will not receive any awards. Their individual rating is not counted towards the final clan’s tournament rating.

The grand prize for winning the tournament is parts of a special mech (the higher a clan in the top-10, the more parts its members get). Extra prizes include credits and parts of other high-level mechs.
All these rewards are ‘packed’ in special prize containers.
All clan members will receive the same amount of containers regardless of their level of contribution to the victory. However, due to the random drop of these parts, the content might differ.

The prized tournament mech is changed once per season (spring-summer-autumn-winter).
Each tournament mech has a unique bonus that will affect other types of tournament mechs within the same squad. Common and elite mechs within the same squad with receive half of of the amount of this bonus.
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  • John R UptonJohn R Upton Freshly on the board John R UptonComments: 2
    I hope the GS and there buddies that swap players weekly to control the game does good,they have run about 40% of the players off along with the crooks in clans that test.....I'm done no more money from me....Notice how many your loosing over this.........................................
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  • Franck GaspozFranck Gaspoz Forum Dweller Franck GaspozComments: 1
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  • Warren DixonWarren Dixon Freshly on the board Warren DixonComments: 2
    Something different, let's see what happens. Hopefully the events are well balanced. I believe this may be something really good, if the beefed up clans don't dominate the torney.
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  • Anastasiia_NesterovaAnastasiia_Nesterova Administrator Anastasiia_NesterovaComments: 76 ✭✭✭
    Hey Commanders!
    Let’s start weekly clan tournaments!

    Important: tournament rules in the head of this topic may be changed. All the changes will be published here and at the Facebook Page.

    First tournament special mech (spring’17):

    MA-65 ‘Palas’ is a great well-armoured elite robot equipped with two special components:

    — F-5 ‘Stigma’: an active ability, which draws enemy fire upon ‘Palas’ itself, thus shielding the rest of the squad.

    — NMS-20 ‘Cocoon’: a special component capable of boosting the durability of the armor for all members of the squad, with the exception of ‘Palas’ itself.
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  • Bob CookBob Cook Freshly on the board Bob CookComments: 3
    So the clans get special Mechs for winning, and those of us that are not in a clan get nothing. NICE.
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  • Darrel MillerDarrel Miller Freshly on the board Darrel MillerComments: 1
    the whole tournyment favors only the top 10 clans..and it favors only lvl 40 plus players and those that cheat, gives nothin for any clan that is less on the top list below that of number 8...the game programmers have faied most and if not all but those high lvl players...unfair...unjust...plain and simple greed that caters to the most high lvl is a total waste to even try and do the tournament...its like sayin here is a hundred dollors but first ya have to go and do all this and then they give a hundred dollor bill from a monoply game...the jerks
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