Cupid's gift (aka Day of Love)

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Requirements: level 40.
No timers! You have 8 days to complete all the tasks.
Reward: Jewelry shop, Hat boutique, Cupid’s fountain, 2 ‘Romance’ benches, 2 Pink ‘Loveheart’ bushes, 2 Red ‘Loveheart’ flowerbeds, 3 Trees of Love.

Day of Love I
- Collect 18 Hearts (Wedding Palace, Film Set, ‘Love’ Reality Show)
- Collect 10 Swans (Dating Park, Sweetheart House, Venus Park)
- Produce 30 lots of Velvet (Textile Factory)

Day of Love II
- Collect 11 Love potions (Drugstore)
- Collect 28 Bouquets (Flower Kiosk)
- Collect 18 Valentine’s cards (Stationery Shop)

Day of Love III
- Collect 5 Golden wings (Theatre)
- Collect 18 Cupid’s arrows (Zweiffel Tower, Romantic Park, Balloon)
- Hand out 45 Love letters (Mansion, Family House, Colonial House)

Day of Love IV
- Collect 15 Incenses (Sushi Bar)
- Collect 4 Heart balloons (City Hall)
- Collect 20 Coffee Beans (Coffee House)

Day of Love V
- Collect profits from Jet Ski Rental Station (2 times)
- Collect 8 Golden medals (Sports Committee)
- Collect 18 Helmets (Hat boutique)
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