New unit: Orc Crossbowman (4/18/17)

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Orc Crossbowman is available to get in the Dragonling's Store from level 10.

Initial stats:

Damage: 125
Health: 300
Hit range: 4
Movement range: 3
Initiative: 110

Maximum stats:

Damage: 1250
Health: 3050
Hit range: 7
Movement range: 6
Initiative: 310

Passive abilities:

— May move after attacking. May increase his damage by 100% by skipping his turn.

Active abilities:

“Cursed Bolt of Gruesome Death!”: instant ability which doesn’t end the soldier’s turn. Destroys a living enemy.

“Speed potion”: a soldier can move 3 squares (6 squares after maximum upgrade) without using a turn.

“Very Deadly Marksmanship!”: for 9 turns all archers inflict extra damage to a living enemy. The damage ignores any defence and amounts to 25% of the target’s maximum health.
Additional uses of the ability increase the damage up to 50% maximum. Every third attack restores a use of the ability.

“Loud Blast”: deals 10% of damage to an enemy and to all other 1 square away from him. Living targets are stunned for 1 turn and their speed is reduced to 1 for two turns.
A capstone ability: available with full Orc Crossbowman upgrade only.
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