New invisible "Acarus" mech, tournaments news and other changes (10/5/17)

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Hello, Commanders!

New mech has arrived: ABR-20 “Acarus” equipped with ММ-8 “Ghost” special component. It is a swift and agile mech with 5 slots for weapon, but keep in mind that it’s relatively fragile (2 slots for armour and 1 slot for shields). Its feature is a disguising module that makes the mech completely invisible for a short period of time. The special component works both defensively (at guard posts) and offensively (an activated skill). You’ll be able to get the mech during the operation which starts on May 12th.

Tournament news:

The last spring tournament starts on May 31th, so there are still 4 tournaments for those who couldn’t get the “Palas”. The summer tournament mech is a heavy МСР-140 “Kronos” equipped with LО-4 “Plasma Beam”. What do we need to know? Its damage increases when a target is being hit by it continuously. In addition to that, the mech is equipped with SUS-25 “Commando” special component that enhances your squad fire rate. Unlike the “Coordinator” and the “Clarion”, this component is a bit different. First of all, it works with other special components. Secondly, it doesn’t matter where the mech is situated – the component keeps working even if the “Kronos” is destroyed.

Moreover, we’re preparing a great number of improvements regarding tournament rules and prizes. The final list of changes will be published soon.

What's changed:
  • The minimum level of mech parts cannot be 2 levels lower than the stated (for example, if there is a chance to receive a 10 level mech part, you won’t get mech details lower than level 8).

  • The maximum level of the strike force has been changed. Now the limit is 73.

Rectified errors:
  • Now, the “Stasis” special component’s animation stops working as soon as its effect is over.

  • The “Coordinator” and the “Clarion” special components enhance the fire rate the way they’re supposed to do.

  • There were some troubles with the “Shocker” special component. As you remember, “Cobra” was able to stop and neutralize almost any object since the component’s effect could be accumulated with every shot. It was noticeable especially with machine guns. No doubt, it had a great impact on our battle system. Now, the “Shocker” is not able to completely immobilize a target. Nevertheless, its power has been increased by 15-20% (depending on level). The result is the component is more effective at the moment if it comes to a single shot. But the most important achievement is that it’s finally balanced;

  • Due to an update of Google Chrome browser, the mouse wheel is no longer functions properly in full-screen mode. Unfortunately, the error is not on our end. Let us hope they will fix it with a new update.
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