New unit: Maere (5/16/17)

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Maere is available to get in the Dragonling's Store from level 10.

Initial stats:

Damage: 150
Health: 600
Movement range: 3
Initiative: 105

Maximum stats:

Damage: 1500
Health: 6050
Movement range: 6
Initiative: 290

Passive ability:

— Cannot be targeted by most abilities and magic. Attacks an additional time a living target and a target afflicted by the “Book of the Dead”.

Active abilities:

— “Wraith servants”: instant spell, doesn’t end the soldier’s turn. Summons a Spearleton wraith.
May be used 3 times a battle.

— “The Book of the Dead”: all undead gain +50 to damage (+500 after maximum upgrade), will act a second time after the end of their current turn, and will ignore all harm from one attack against them.
The initiative of all living troops will decrease by 50 (by 130 after maximum upgrade).
Defeating an undead will end all temporary effects on all troops.
Every ninth attack restores a use of the ability.

— “Endless Nightmare”:
restores all health to Maere. A capstone ability: available with full Maere upgrade only.
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