New "Typhon" robot, tournament changes (5/23/17)

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Hello Commanders!

New robot:

New “Typhon” robot is available! Don’t miss the offer: its special component “Phoenix” repairs the “Typhon” during all the battle!
Its details may be dropped for a successful battle, just as other details.

Tournament changes:

  • We think the main opportunity in Tournaments is to get a unique robot and show your clan’s power to all the others (if you think different, tell us!). In this case, large amounts of reward credits make tournaments a lottery + give top clans too much advantage in next tournaments. Therefore, we decided to lessen the difference between top places and the others and decrease the amount of reward credits.

  • Also, we noticed that lots of “middle-class” clans participate in tournaments, but don’t have opportunity to win anything. That’s why we changed the top places number and added Gold and Silver leagues, following the top-3 places.

  • Prize containers content for Gold and Silver leagues has been changed. Every “green’ container used to include 2 types of details of tournament robots and 2 types of elite robots. Now this ratio has been changed: 3to1 (tournament/elite). Also, we added “Manticore” and “Typhon” details there.

  • “Palas” stats have been changed: +50 tons to weight capacity, “Cocoon” special component has become more efficient for “not-tournament” robots.

Friends’ gifted fuel: limits for use:

We decided to implement a limit for friends’ fuel: you can’t use it if you have more than 200 fuel on your account. This change was added to limit the use of bots and extra accounts and let the players get the top places fair way.

  • All the fuel you have now stays in your account,
  • All the unaccepted fuel requests and gifts stay in your account,
  • This limit doesn’t affect fuel from destroyed mechs and bought fuel.


  • When “Acarus was used as a guard, “Ghost” ability didn’t work sometimes.
  • When “Palas” was used as a guard, there were mistakes with focus on other mechs after the “Palas” destroyed.
  • “Stigma” visual effect animation has been fixed.
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