FAQ: Furniture Factory and Tailor’s workshop (5/29/17)

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  • What kind of buildings are they? Why can’t my friends speed them up, why can’t I build more than 1 of each?

These buildings are quite like Cargo Port, College or University: there is crafting inside, they can't be sped up by friends and you can have only 1 of each.
Let’s call these buildings “Crafting productions” to make everything clear. And yes, Furniture Factory and Tailor’s workshop have their own differences: keep reading

  • Why can’t I produce some items ahead? I don’t even see them in the window.

The main reason is these items (Jacket, T-shirt, Bow tie and Chaise lounge) are rarely required. And this is the main difference between productions in Cargo Port and others: there's no need to store up Bow ties, T-shirts etc because they won't be needed very often.
Yes, this mechanic is new, but the game may change! We add some features that make game easier and handier (new shop interface, some pop-ups, even quest steps!), but also we may add some limits too: adding some challenge is a normal way to develop a game

Anyway, if you have any ideas how to make this more clear, tell us in the comments! Maybe these items could be shown locked till the requiring task appears? Feel free to suggest if you think any visual changes may be useful

  • Why do we have to produce some items now instead of collecting when they just dropped?

First, game is changing Second, when we added Post Office, we had complaints why do we have this building, “it's useless, it's not used in quests at all”. So, the idea was to implement Furniture Factory and Tailor's workshop straight in the game without any waiting (with decreasing the required number of these items in every quest they are needed).

We understand that this way wasn’t the smoothest—especially with the Atomium quest, and that was our mistake. We promise if any similar changes happen, we’ll announce about them beforehand to let you prepare for them!

  • Why, why do Paint Swatches (ex. Multicolored fans) for Dress crafting drop randomly?

As soon as we got first feedback, we decided to get rid of random drop here. So, good news: Paint Swatches drop every time you collect profits from the Ranch!

  • Quest steps at the forum and Help Center aren’t changed!

Our fault! Now all the quest steps have been edited and new crafting info has been added too: https://playkot.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/201846452-Resources-and-production
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