New "Loki" robot, useful improvements and fixes (6/26/17)

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Hello, Commanders!

New operation ‘Loki’:

М-60 ‘Loki’ is a powerful and solid mech which domain is fire. ‘Loki’ has 4 armour and 2 shield slots. The robot is equipped with unique flamethrowers of an increased range and higher damage. The operation is available from Mechworks 9.

By various requests of our players this update is rich in important improvements.

Main changes:
  • Now you can massively select and add robots to your clan dock. There is no longer any need in adding them one by one;
  • Now you can build and upgrade walls while building/upgrading other objects;
  • Now it’s possible to change your mechs’ elements (armour, weapon and components) while constructing other robots;
  • Unmanned drones quantity for middle and high tier operations has been altered. Unlike 4 drones before, middle tier operations include 5 drones now and high tier – 6 ones. Each drone is still restored every hour. Thanks to it, fuel and drones recovery time has been synchronized (80 fuel and 6 drones recover every 6 hours);
  • Maximum rating points for players of level 48-49 have been increased by 2 units. New limit is: +18 points for a 3* victory against an opponent of equal or higher level;
  • ‘Godhammer’ operation has been transferred to the middle group (Mechworks 6-8).

Tournament changes:
  • All places, including Gold and Silver leagues, will be getting full set of 'Kronos' parts (all 4 types of the mech parts each time);
  • If you take part in each tournament, you'll be able to assemble a 'Kronos' even in the Silver league by the end of the season;
  • All places can receive random elite mechs parts. 1-3 places: Mechworks 12. Gold and Silver leagues: Mechworks 9-12.

Rectified errors:
  • An error related to ‘Baal’ special component has been fixed. Now the burn effect applies both to mortars and rockets.
  • Loads of high level players were unable to receive a big chain of quests due to a bug. Don’t be surprised if you got them finally, just complete the tasks – there will be a pleasant reward at the end.
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