HQ 7, Mines and new game balance (7/13/17)

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Hi, Commanders!

This update turned out to be extremely huge. We do hope that you will love it. Let’s start telling you what we’ve been doing for the last month. First things first:

1) HQ 7.

Perhaps HQ 7 was one of the most expected things for a long time. Anyway, HQ 7 is finally available. It leads to the following changes:
  • All objects can be upgraded to level 13 (Mission Control, Mechworks, Armory, Turrets, Walls, etc.).

  • New offensive weapon BP-11 ‘Executioner’ has been introduced. It is a powerful cannon capable of inflicting death and destruction at large distances. Its piercing attack can annihilate up to 2 targets in one shot.

  • New defensive weapon BP-22 ‘Nightmare’ is available. ‘Nightmare’ is a heavy defensive weapon, created to make the life of any uninvited guests approaching your base a pure hell. Similarly to ‘Executioner’, it can attack 2 targets at a time.

  • New Uranium Armour/Plating have been added. They significantly increase protection of your buildings and your mechs durability.

  • New medium sized robot, designed to accomplish an array of various tasks, is available. Its name is M-58 ‘Jaguar’.

  • New special component AGM-3 ‘Aether’ has been introduced. Its antigravitational module decreases shields weight.

  • Shields and fields upgrades of higher levels are available now (Kinetic, Hybrid and Magnetic).

2) Mine.

Mine is a new defensive object, which is available from HQ 4. Its features:
  • Up to 6 Mines can be set at your base.

  • Mines are invisible for enemies, but they show up when approached closely.

  • Mines blow up in 3 seconds after their detection, and they inflict damage to all robots located in the damage area.

  • Mine damage depends on mech location: damage is higher at the epicenter, at the periphery – lower.

  • Mines have no splash damage, so you can place them next to your buildings.

  • Mines are built and upgraded like ‘Tesla’ traps.

  • Mines are automatically activated only once per battle.

  • Mines damage radius is higher than the one of ‘Tesla’ trap.

3) Game balance changes.

This update brought changes linked to a range of robots and significant part of elements (weapon, armour, special components). All changes are presented in the chart below.

A) Elements.

We have decided to not describe each element separately and every its level respectively – there would be too much information.

Colours meaning:
green: positive change (buffs).
yellow: both positive and negative change (depending on an element level).
red: negative change (nerfs).

N.B. ‘Level’ in ‘Sp. Components’ tab stands for Component Lab level.

Why did we do that? We would like the game to be more diverse and the gameplay more interesting. That’s why we have altered several elements or even whole weapon class features (Machine Guns, Gauss Guns). Our goal is to make them more competitive.

B) Robots.

Some mechs weight has been increased (more detailed in the chart). ‘Bumblebee’ became more vulnerable, but ‘Typhon’, ‘Loki’, ‘Kronos’, ‘Palas’ and ‘Acarus’ are more durable now. ‘Loki’ moved to Mechworks 13 and ‘Cyclops’ – to Mechworks 7.

In addition to that, ‘Kronos’ received an additional armour slot. Likewise, an additional special component slot has been added for ‘Panther’ and ‘Viper’.

C) Special components.
  • All special components price has been reduced by 15% and their upgrade speed is 40% faster now.

  • ‘Orion’ weight has been reduced by 1% and its efficiency has been increased by 2% (each level).

  • ‘Mortis’ weight has been considerably reduced.

  • ‘Helion’ and ‘Napalm’ weight has been reduced by 40%.

It would be great if players started using different tactics. That is the reason why we have improved several special components features and made their research much easier.

D) Research speed and needed resources.

To make the game more comfortable for players, we have decided to accelerate research and construction processes. Most apparent changes are related to any activity at HQ 4-5. Prices for a range of upgrades have also been dramatically reduced. However, some upgrades at high levels need more T-mineral now (HQ 5+).

We want to create a more measured, steady gameplay with gradually increasing complexity and regular new content.

E) Players’ level.

Due to modifications connected with players’ general experience, their level might change (both upward or downward).

What’s changed:
  • Experience that a player could gain by upgrading/constructing offensive and defensive objects has been considerably reduced.

  • At the same time, experience gained with upgrades of the most valuable buildings has been notably increased (HQ, MC, Mechworks, Armory, Defence Lab, Component Lab, Mech Factory, Depots).

  • Mechs research experience has also been redistributed.

  • Special components upgrades give much less experience (no exceptions).

We believe that players’ progress should be measured by their base and key structures development, not by their weapon or special components preferences. The main reason for this particular change was the desire to give opportunities for more varied experiments with the elements (weapon, armour, sp. comp.) without any fear of accidental moving to a higher level where players have to face more powerful opponents.

F) Rating points.

First of all, there now exists 3 rating categories. You can gain different amount of points by eliminating:
а) a stronger foe;
b) an equal foe;
c) a weaker foe.

Secondly, we have switched to a more customised and gradual system of rating growth. Before the update, for example, rating category used to change every 10 levels (categories 1-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39), and most high level players belonged to special categories (40-44, 45-47 and 48-49). It wasn’t as smooth as we wanted, so now the transition is going to be more gentle.

These changes are aimed at providing conditions of a more stable gameplay.

4. Other changes.
  • ‘Vulcan’ special component bonus is now can be seen in robots speed characteristics.
  • Hovering your mouse over a particular mech part you can now see which base you need to attack to get this part.
  • Monoliths capacity has been increased (only HQ 4-7).
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