New Infrastructure: Television Center (7/13/17)

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New Infrastructure: Television Center!

Latest news, plot-twisted talk shows and educational programs: build the TV Center to entertain your citizens :)

This building is available in the Shop from level 65.
Quest steps are below.
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    Requirements: available in the Shop from level 65.
    No timers at all: you have unlimited time to do this quest.
    Reward: Television Center (500 coins every 9 hours; adds +3600 to population cap; occupies 5x5 squares).

    Television Center I
    Collect 55 Lettuces (Wok cafe)
    Collect 21 Guitars (Apartment House, Hotel)
    Collect 60 Tubes of glue (Shoe Shop)

    Television Center II
    Collect 3 Folding notepads (Press Center)
    Save up 530,000 coins (will be taken away from your total)
    Collect 83 Tripods (drop 1-5 at a time – Ranch)

    Television Center III
    Train 3 Architects (University)
    Collect 59 Pencils (Stationery Shop)
    Collect 11 Plans (ask friends)

    Television Center IV
    Collect 7 Concrete slabs (Cargo Port)
    Collect 29 Crane hooks (Construction Factory – Bathtub)
    Collect 15 Wheels (Auto Repair Shop)

    Television Center V
    Collect 60 Trowels (Subway Station)
    Train 9 Builders (College)
    Collect 8 Tape measures (drop 2-3 at a time – Lighthouse)

    Television Center VI

    Collect 17 Helmets (Hat boutique)
    Collect 7 Strong ropes (Kindergarten)
    Collect 12 Glasses (ask friends)

    Television Center VII
    Collect 4 Respirators (Hospital)
    Collect 73 Cans of paint (Hotel, Ranch, Family House, Comfortable House, Townhouse)
    Collect 54 Paint rollers (Petrol Station)

    Television Center VIII

    Collect 19 Radars (Electronics Plant – Mouse, Keyboard, Web Camera, Phone, Laptop, Monitor, Tablet, Motherboard)
    Collect 12 Computers (do not drop every time – Villa, Villa with a pool)
    Collect 13 Processors (Shopping Center)

    Television Center IX

    Collect 17 Slides (Cinema)
    Collect 19 “Fragile!” stickers (do not drop every time – Stationery Shop)
    Collect 13 Security cameras (ask friends)

    Television Center X
    Collect 10 Nitrile gloves (Dental surgery)
    Collect 68 Green paints (Flower Kiosk)
    Collect 81 Stepladders (Convenience Store)

    Television Center XI
    Collect 50 Microphones (Pub)
    Collect 23 Scooters (Pizza House)
    Collect 5 Bicycles (Highland Bus Station, Valley Bus Station)

    Television Center XII

    Collect 10 Leather sofas (Furniture Factory)
    Collect 8 Chandeliers (drop 1-3 at a time – Theatre)
    Collect 14 Spotlights (ask friends)

    Television Center XIII

    Collect 24 Face paints (Cosmetics Boutique)
    Collect 54 Hair curlers (Hostel)
    Collect 16 Hairpins (Fashion Boutique)

    Television Center XIV
    Start a new season of the “Love” super show 2 times (click on ‘Love’ Reality Show)
    Collect 23 Magic 8-Balls (Pool Parlour)
    Collect 15 Hearts (Wedding Palace, Film Set, ‘Love’ Reality Show)

    Television Center XV

    Collect 27 Fluffy Bunnies (Textile Factory – Velvet)
    Collect 42 Toy cars (drop 2-4 at a time – Premium Cottage)
    Collect 11 Banjos (Beach House)

    Television Center XVI

    Hand out 13 Footballs (Beach shop)
    Collect 18 Hockey sticks (drop 3 at a time – School)
    Collect 15 Ice skating dresses (ask friends)

    Television Center XVII
    Collect 78 Umbrellas (Subway Station)
    Collect 17 Rubber boots (Luxury Apartments)
    Collect 4 Air Conditioners (Beach Resort)

    Television Center XVIII

    Collect 12 Cufflinks (Jewelry shop)
    Collect 8 Jackets (Tailor’s workshop)
    Collect 84 Bouquets (Flower Kiosk)
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