New unit: Werewolf Shaman (7/24/17)

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Werewolf Shaman is available to get in the Dragonling's Store from level 10.

Initial stats:

Damage: 200
Health: 200
Movement range: 3
Initiative: 135

Maximum stats:

Damage: 2000
Health: 2000
Movement range: 6
Initiative: 370

Passive abilities:

— When damaged reduces the attacker’s strength by 100%.

— All summons in 6 squares inflict frenzy for 2 turns with each attack against a living target who is immune to fear, stun and control. Against a frenzied target they deal +200 damage (+2000 damage after maximum upgrade).

— Attack scares a living enemy for 1 turn, cause it to run away in terror. On the next turn the target is immune to fear, stun and control.

— Damage taken cannot exceed 10% of the soldier’s health.

Active abilities:

“Mental Elementile”: instant spell, doesn’t end the soldier’s turn. Summons a fearsome elementile for 4 turns.
Ability takes 4 turns to refresh.

“Otherworldly light”: bolsters all allied summons. For 8 turns they gain +200 damage (+2000 after maximum upgrade) , completely ignore damage from 1 attack, and the summons duration is set to 8 turns.
Every third attack restores a use of the ability.

“Magic of the Runes”: bolsters all living allied mages. For 1 turn they gain +500 initiative and deal 100% more damage.
Every third attack restores a use of the ability.

“Iron shirt”: reduces the initiative of the target by 370. Damage taken cannot exceed 1% of the target soldier’s health.
A capstone ability: available with full Werewolf Shaman upgrade only.
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