New weapons, new special component and useful improvements (7/25/17)

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Hi, Commanders!

This update is focused on providing you with new technologies.

New weapons in Armory:

1. IMS-75 ‘Tsunami’ missile system which easily obliterates clumped enemy forces with continuous rocket bursts.
2. HLM-15 ‘Thanatos’ heavy laser machine gun – a remarkable weapon for middle-range combat.
3. GC-109 ‘Sirius’ Gauss gun. Equip it if you’d like to start repelling an attack as soon as enemy forces land. This weapon deals 50% of its damage to shields and 50% to armour of a mech or building it hits.

Defence Lab acquires similar analogues:

1. IMS-94 ‘Avalanche’ heavy defense missile system will easily snuff out any aggressor’s fury. The weapon is quite effective at long range.
2. LM-26 ‘Avenger’. It is a defensive laser machine gun capable of eradicating any uninvited guests. High volume of fire and great destructive capability are the hallmarks of this middle-range weapon.
3. GC-112 ‘Rigel’ Gauss gun is a good pick if you want your base well-guarded. This heavy long-range weapon deals 50% of its damage to armour and 50% to shields.

Component Lab introduces a new special component SA-77 ‘Energy’. Its set of additional accumulators increases shield capacity. Component weight is proportional to mech shield weight.

Useful improvements:
  • Now you are able to anchor the mini-map position. If you hide it in any two battles, it will be hidden during all other battles.

  • Click area has been enlarged. Now, it’s easier to reach, for instance, a mine situated behind a Monolith or a massive building such as HQ.

  • ‘Jaguar’, ‘Loki’ and ‘Palas’ weight limit has been increased. The same applies to Mission Control 13 (from 7200 to 8200 tons), Guard Posts 13 and Clan Centre.

Also, we’ve been monitoring your feedback regarding the previous huge update. Let us remind you what has been changed:
  • The amount of T-mineral in convoys is increased by 20%.

  • Offensive Gauss Guns have been modified.

We are still analysing your opinion as well as suggestions, so your comments under relevant posts are always appreciated.
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