New 'Surt' mech, new 'Tornado burst fire system and rectified errors (8/22/17)

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Hi, Commanders!

1. New MА-62 ‘Surt’ robot :

It is a versatile mech which generally resembles ‘Patriot’ and ‘Liberator’. ‘Surt’ is equipped with solid armour and unique elite shields that make it extremely enduring – it is an ideal short-range bot in the right hands. The offer is available from Mechworks 11.

It’s important to draw some attention to its Adaptive Shields – an advanced technology of modern robotics. The specific trait is that players can change the type of protection during the fight, depending on situation. Don’t forget to keep in mind that originally shields protect from rockets and mortars, but you can can change the type when needed (every 15 seconds). Adaptive Shields is a spectacular opportunity to quickly adapt to any turn of events.

2. New weapon in the Armory:

The BFS-27 ‘Tornado’ defensive burst fire system. This weapon is capable of turning the approach to your base into a natural disaster. ‘Tornado’ is characterized by high effectiveness at long range and low fire dispersion.

3. Rectified errors:
  • An error due to which an upgraded mine radius wouldn’t increase until reloading has been fixed.

  • A.R.M.A.’s vehicles are back (last ‘Malfius’ operation participants might notice their absence).

  • Target catch mechanism has been improved. Thanks to it defensive weapons with, for instance, 800 range won’t be able to hit a 810 range robot.
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