New tournament season, LR-14 'Hyperion' flying robot (9/6/17)

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Hello Commanders!

1. New robot.

This time we've prepared something completely new for you, say hi to the first flying robot ever – LR-14 'Hyperion'!

What is its peculiarity? By hovering over the ground it avoids mines and attacks objects over walls. It is equipped with a unique targeting module SN-8 ‘Hawk’ which increases weapon range for all other mechs in the squad.

How to use ‘Hyperion’:
  • Despite the fact that this is a light robot, it can be used with heavy bots. Increased range allows him to fire at enemy constructions from a safe distance and ignore mines.

  • ‘Hyperion’ can be also used in a sniper strike force. Firstly, its special component ‘Hawk’ will be beneficial to long range robots. Secondly, because of its high speed, it can act as a bait, effectively dodging opponent’s missiles.

2. Tournament changes.

a) Tournaments format will be changed this season.

The need for drastic changes in clan tournaments had been actively discussed for the last summer. The news is bad: we did not meet the deadline, that is why we did not manage to prepare the changes for the first autumn tournament. But the news is also good: we’ve decided to move away from the system where a large number of battles was required and where development of defence did not bring a significant result. More details about all the upcoming changes and new rules will be described in the next days. Unfortunately the first tournament is still held according to the traditional rules. Patience, friends :)

b) The changes also affected prize places in the Gold and Silver leagues – their number has been expanded.

3. A little bonus.

We really want to demonstrate ‘Hyperion’ in practice, so we are preparing a short video for you that we will present a bit later!
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