New tournament rules (9/7/17)

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New tournament rules:

Only the best 30 battles during whole tournament will be added to the overall player’s rating. In cases where 30 battles are already taken into account, but not all of them are effective enough, a player can make additional attacks – there is no limit. Thus, results of more successful attacks, carried out after the first 30 battles, will replace less effective ones.

The rating system will be changed.

The rating points received at the end of each battle will be affected by:

- battle results (amount of stars)
- player’s level and their opponent’s level (high levels imply the biggest bonus)
- new attribute – defence index of a player and their opponent.

Defence index registers the effectiveness of each player’s defence. It will therefore take into account various achievements of a player, not only their success in attacks.

Matchmaking still follows the traditional principle: your opponent cannot be higher or lower than 3 levels.

New changes also regard some other aspects:
1) Your enemy will be automatically replaced after an unsuccessful attack. We believe that it will create a more competitive atmosphere and will value tactical thinking.
2) Besides standard opportunity of changing your opponent every 24 hours, players will be able to change them right away by using 5 units of fuel. It will provide you with flexibility in opponents’ selection.

Summing everything up, we can say that:

1) Best commanders will be able to demonstrate their skill at its finest.
2) Defence is going to be more prestigious since it makes its contribution to tournament results as well.
3) We will move away from quantity of battles. From now on, their quality is more important.
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