Brand-new decoration: Magic Statues (9/15/17)

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Magic Statues are the special decoration which strengthens your units (gives a bonus to attack, health, initiative, speed to a soldier) both in attack and defense.

Useful information:

- The statues are purchased in the shop for Gold Dragoons.
- Magic Statue cannot be sold.
- Statues are available from level 61.
- Magic Statues enchant their own type of troops.
- The bonus is received by 1 of the warriors who is marked by a special effect at the beginning of a battle.
- To increase the strength of the bonus and the number of reinforced warriors you need to upgrade the Magic Statues. The improvement is made for Precious Stones.
- Precious Stones are obtained randomly from the Jewelry Box which can be bought for Dragoons in the Shop or for Qrystals in the Dragonling’s Store.
- Precious Stones are stored in the Inventory and the surplus can be converted into a special resource called Magic Dust. 20 units of Magic Dust can be turned into a rare Precious Stone.
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