New 'Lion' mech, 14 level objects, new campaign missions and other (9/26/17)

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Hi, Commanders!

This is what we’ve prepared for you this time:

1. New basic robot MP-51 ‘Lion’ – a powerful mech capable of destroying your enemies, characterised by the high attack potential and acceptable protection. The mech can be researched in the mech tree.

Note: Mechworks 14 needed.

2. All objects can be upgraded to level 14: Mission Control, Mechworks, Armory, Turrets, Walls, etc.

3. New high level upgrades are available now: Uranium Armour/Plating, Kinetic and Hybrid shields, Kinetic, Magnetic and Hybrid fields, ‘Executioner’, ‘Thanatos’, ‘Tsunami’, ‘Sirius’, ‘Nightmare’, ‘Avenger’, ‘Avalanche’, ‘Rigel’ and ‘Tornado’.

4. New 5 campaign missions – you are about to reveal A.R.M.A.’s secrets.

5. New convoys – more powerful and with a more attractive reward.
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