St. Valentine's Day team event (2/15/18)

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Valentine's Day is over, but why not let more days be about love?

Stage 1 is on: let's make teams and get ready for the team event! Tasks are easier, rewards are unique and even new, important changes have been made: check the description above

Keep your eye on the timer: Stage 2 will start on Feb, 20 13:00 UTC (8:00 EST)!

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    This event is available for level 25+ players.

    What is the difference from previous team event?

    During this team event players cooperate in teams and complete tasks to reach the common goal. Each team’s goal is collecting Valentine’s cards and receiving gifts for them :)

    NEW: During the team event there will be a special shop called Romantic fairground, where you can get unique buildings and decorations (including brand new ones!) with Fairground and Golden tickets.
    These tickets can be received as rewards on the way to the main team event prize (Italian palazzo) and in SuperBingo.

    Italian pallazo drops 3500 coins and 4-7 glass baubles every 20 hours, AND it will drop some daffodils after the season change!

    As soon as Stage 2 starts we’ll tell you more about the rewards, stay tuned!
    The event is divided into 2 stages: team building and tasks completing.

    Stage 1: Team building

    Team building lasts till February, 20 13:00 UTC (8:00 EST).

    You can either create your own team (you become a captain) or join another team by sending a request first:

    1. If you create your own team, you can send invitations to your friends and accept or decline other players’ requests:


      – Choose wisely who you accept: once a player joins, you can’t remove them from the team (but a player can leave your team on their own: read below about it);

      You can log out from your own team, but you need to appoint a new captain from your team members:


      – Once your team is full (5/5 members), all the pending requests will be denied.

    2. If you send a request to another team, you should wait for acceptance or rejection from a team’s Captain.

      – You can send up to 5 requests at a time (it means you can have up to 5 unanswered requests at a time).

      – You can call off your request if a Captain hasn’t considered it yet.

      – If you sent several requests,
      you would join the team which accepted you first.

      NEW: you can leave the team and keep looking for another one, but not later than February, 19 13:00 UTC (8:00 EST) – 24 hours before Stage 2 starts.


    Teams of 1 to 5 members are allowed, but the more teammates, the easier collecting Valentine’s cards is (the required number of cards is the same for all the teams).

    Tasks are individual for each team member and their difficulty depends on a player’s level. Don’t forget we decreased the required number of items ;)

    Important: If you don’t join a team or create your own before Stage 2 starts, you can’t participate in the St. Valentine’s Day team event.
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  • Anastasiia_NesterovaAnastasiia_Nesterova Administrator Anastasiia_NesterovaComments: 76 ✭✭✭
    Stage 2 starts on February, 20 13:00 UTC (8:00 EST) and lasts till March, 4 13:00 UTC (8:00 EST).

    All the team members work for a common goal completing tasks. You receive one Prize Valentine for helping one character.

    As we said earlier, tasks are individual for each team member and their difficulty depends on player’s level.


    1. There are on-the-way rewards: Cupcakes (1 Cupcake = 10 energy), Fairground tickets and Golden tickets, which are the Romantic fairground’s currency.

    2. You can continue completing tasks and receiving extra rewards after you get the main prize – Italian palazzo.

    3. There’s a global rating compiling during the team event. The leaders will get really valuable rewards after the team event ends ;)

    1. Total number of collected Prize Valentines (by all team members) is shown at the bar in “Quests” tab. Once your team collects the required number of Valentines, all the team members get rewards:

    • Reward 1: 5 Prize Valentines collected: 15 Fairground tickets, 2 Golden tickets, 5 Cupcakes;

    • Reward 2: 25 Prize Valentines collected: 45 Fairground tickets, 5 Golden tickets, 8 Cupcakes;

    • Reward 3: 60 Prize Valentines collected: 75 Fairground tickets, 10 Golden tickets, 11 Cupcakes;

    • Reward 4: 120 Prize Valentines collected: 170 Fairground tickets, 15 Golden tickets, 12 Cupcakes;

    • Reward 5: 205 Prize Valentines collected: Italian palazzo (3500 coins, 4-7 glass baubles; will drop daffodils in spring (the exact number will be shown after the season change)).

    2. After receiving the main prize (Italian palazzo), your team can continue completing the tasks and get extra rewards. There’s a set of 3 extra rewards which go round and round unlimited times:

    1. Extra reward 1: 250 Prize Valentines collected (+45 after the Italian palazzo received) — 80 Fairground tickets, 11 Golden tickets, 5 Cupcakes;

    2. Extra reward 2: 280 Prize Valentines collected (+30 more) — 60 Fairground tickets, 7 Golden tickets, 10 Cupcakes;

    3. Extra reward 3: 325 Prize Valentines collected (+45 more) — 70 Fairground tickets, 12 Golden tickets, 13 Cupcakes;

    4. and so on, starting with Extra reward 1 again.

    3. The “Ratings” tab shows the progress of all Facebook’s players
    , which take part in the team event. The rating counts personal contribution of a player.

    The tab consists of two different ratings: global rating and friends’ rating:

    1. Global rating: players at the first 100 places of this rating will be rewarded with valuable prizes (from seasonal currency to superbucks; more information to come);

    2. Friends’ rating: just to follow your friends’ success :) There are no rewards for this rating.

    Important: you must earn at least 10 Prize Valentines to get into the rating.
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