Chinatown (2/27/18)

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New quest is in the game!

How about a marvelous Chinatown in your city, Mayor? The better you complete the tasks, the more rewards you get: check the description below ;)
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    Requirements: level 25.
    Timing: yellow-timed quests. You can restart them, but each time you restart the quest, you’ll get one less gift.
    You have 10 days to complete all the tasks.
    • no restarts: Chinatown (2300 coins, 2-4 daffodils every 20 hours in spring; requires 9x10 squares; can be placed anywhere except Snow Plateau), Tea ceremony, Chinese Gates + 2 Round Lanterns, Florist.
    • 1 restart: Chinatown, Tea ceremony, Chinese Gates + 2 Round Lanterns.
    • 2 restarts: Chinatown, Tea ceremony.
    • 3 restarts and more: Chinatown.
    This offer is available to get till March, 5 9:00 UTC (4:00 EST)

    Chinatown I / 24h

    Collect 45 Spices (drop 1-3 at a time – Wok cafe)
    Grow 37 crops of Squashes (Farm)
    Hand out 33 Chestnuts (Bakery)

    Chinatown II / 24h
    Collect 17 Portions of rice (Eastern house, Japanese Apartment, House with a pond, House with a watermill)
    Collect 55 Lotus flowers (Flower kiosk)
    Collect 32 Invitations (Stationery shop)

    Chinatown III / 24h
    Collect 13 Incense (Sushi Bar)
    Collect 58 Mint leaves (Convenience Store)
    Collect 12 Oil burners (ask friends)

    Chinatown IV / 24h
    Collect 14 First aid kits (Drugstore)
    Put on a show at Concert Hall (1 time)
    Collect 4 Books (School)

    Chinatown V / 36h
    Collect 22 Scooters (Pizza House)
    Collect 32 Petrol cans (Petrol Station)
    Collect 26 Barrels of oil (Construction Factory – Bathtub)

    Chinatown VI / 24h
    Collect 10 Sacks of Grain (House with a watermill)
    Collect 85 Bags of flour (drop 1-3 at a time – Bistro)
    Hand out 28 Envelopes (Subway Station)

    Chinatown VII / 24h
    Collect 20 Nets (drop 2 at a time – Japanese Apartment)
    Collect 80 Floats (Summer House)
    Collect 13 Fishing-rods (ask friends)

    Chinatown VIII / 24h
    Collect 18 Speakers (Cinema)
    Collect 26 Microphones (Pub)
    Collect 18 Squibs (do not drop every time – Recreational cottage)

    Chinatown IX / 36h
    Collect 15 Drops of amber (Jewelry shop)
    Collect 45 Leaflets (Textile factory – Denim)
    Collect 11 Masks (Curiosity shack)

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