[ Read First ] How to find Strike Group members or join Strike Group?

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Anatoliy KopyrinAnatoliy Kopyrin Anatoliy KopyrinComments: 39 Community Manager
The better way to find the best allies to your team is creating a topic with your Strike Group name and level/Liberium requirements in this category.

Feel free to tell more about your group: where are you from, your tactics, interests e.t.c. The better group will be described the more players will put mind to join! Have a good time! :)

Please, obey only one rule: create one topic for one Strike Group!  o:) 

It is rather simple if you want to join Strike Group: just look at names and requirements and choose one that fits you. Post a comment with your level and language spoke and wait. Ta-da! You are in Strike Group!  B) 
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