Lvl 5 boat looking for TEAM players only

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We are a team, 9 of us have been together as a team for over 5 years, we left another game we played to come to this game as a team.
All of us have been playing TS for less than 6 months and already we are ranked #388 with our boat.
We are looking for TEAM players, people that want somewhere that they can call home.
All of us fight and all of us doing everything for the team, the team is what we are all about.
Trying to find people who want to be in a team in this game is hard work.
That's our fault though because we don't do "Prima Donna's" who think just because they are high level they can order us around, we don't do "glory hunters" who want to jump in for a quick win.
However if you want to be part of a time and you are prepared to pull your own weight then we have a spot for you.
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