Lack of oil

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Dean AndersonDean Anderson Dean AndersonComments: 69
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The bigist cheat in this game is OIL.and it is tropic storm who is cheating us,just a way to make us use bank know it and everyone knows it
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  • kate_alkate_al Freshly on the board kate_alComments: 64 Community Manager
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    Hi Dean!

    Oil is quite a rare resource as it is required for upgrading and building top structures like Support Boat. Sometimes you may feel short of it, but it's still possible to develop if you're active enough :)

    Yes, some periods can be rather hard to save up, but you can manage the budget effectively and save up! Every player has the same conditions to earn oil. Stay cool and active, watch replays of other players who were a success to improve your base defense each time considering their popular approaches.

    Good luck!
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  • I dont need to watch other wood and steel are maxed but allways have enough space for 2mill more oil.The oil you get is allways way below the other resources. like i said its a con and not fair
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  • isaiahisaiah isaiahComments: 8
    I too agree -- tropic storm should give equal proportion of all the resources -- as said we get oil too low, don't be greedy or else many will have no option but to leave the game.

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