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1) Defending bases and rewards, and success rates. When you go to invade a base you now see a percentage of their bases' defence. We use this to determine if a target is worth attacking. More often than not, when above 40-45%, players avoid it. Firstly, this means that if the number is high the base is good, but that player is not getting much or any reward at all for defending itself well. No parts are given or resources, just a score. But, on the opposite side, players aren't seeing enough reward in trying to tackle these well-thought out bases. Mercenaries are helpful, but players only use these if they are struggling for a revenge kill, because I used to all the time.  Defended bases need similar rewards to attacking, and attacking well-defended bases needs a reward multiplier. (Personally I think parts are too hard to acquire, this would be nice in grinding for them if you could earn a more rare part with a higher chance of getting it, or multiple regular ones.)

2) "Recruit mechanic" system, where after a certain number of player levels is reached (suggest every 25) and extra mechanic is awarded to the player. (could be bought with credits.) This would allow a player to research or upgrade one more item of choice (either regular or at an increased resource cost, your choice). Think about it, would be a nice way to get credits to be more useful, rather than skip time or wait a month for 25 and save for a mech you want. 

3) Anothersuggestion regards base defence. There are turrets, guard posts, and traps. I suggest a 'bunker', a 3x3 tile fortification that can be upgraded along the way. High resource cost. Effective at distracting enemy units, whilst dealing low damage, giving turrets time to acquire targets more effectively. To go with this, i suggest a 'Bunker Buster' component, to make cannons and or launchers more effective against these, costing them a reduction of anti-mech damage. (Bunker Buster deals more damage to walls, bunkers, and structures.)  And regarding traps, I would like to see 'EMP Mines', ones that would deal little mech damage, but immobilise them for a short period of time. (Few seconds, more time added per upgrade.) 

4) Now for aesthetic, landscapes and structures. It would be a small change that would make a big difference. The layout of the ground and your surroundings is all the same, add rubble and destroyed buildings (which may be trampled the same way trees can be) and terrain, make desert, snow, rock, and make it selectable. And to be able to pick a skin for the HQ would be nice, maybe new colours, new appearance whilst still similar, etc. 

5) Now, "Part exchange" and "Inventory." An inventory would be nice at seeing what parts you have, without having to individually check each mech out. This would also be a gateway to be being able to exchange parts for resources, the T-Mineral. The higher rank the mech, and the rarity of the part, the value increases. Having an inventory also gives the opportunity to house new items that could arrive in game, potentially for elite turrets. For example "Gun barrel", "Rocket pods", "Horizontal /Vertical turret drive" and what not. Even components for turrets would be a good and easy addition too. 

6) "Mech abilities". A small icon when hovered over by the cursor would provide a brief description of a typical ability, inspecting the ability in the mechworks or dock would provide full damage descriptions and how to use it. This leads for more speciality to each mech, especially event or elite ones. Being able to select when to use an ability would provide more player-needed intervention to the combat experience, meaning that their is more control over your destiny. This gives room to make abilities better, but work on cooldowns. 

7) Turret targeting. I think turrets should have adjustable options which make them engage targets by the following "Closest target", "Most health", "Most shield", "Most damage per second", "Most range" and "Any", this would mean turrets may engage targets in a more tactical method, meaning the fastest firing ones could attack the closest target, while a cannon engages the furthest, whilst turrets can get distracted by the closest enemy. 

8) Base decoration. I would like to be able to place things around the base, like military vehicles, shipping containers and transports, or little artillery and field guns or watch towers. Players love making it more personal. An easy way to make these have no combat advantage is to be able to simply 'walk over them'.
9) Miscellaneous items. Radar towers (Look different to Mission Control), would be nice to add. A low-health, light-weight satellite dish that spins, no shield either. It would have a large radius, however a large minimum radius too, but the radius detects enemy mechs when turrets are out of range, and increases turrets within the radius as well to have further range and more accuracy. (Starting at 10% or less.) Three of these could be placed, however bonuses do not stack, meaning players would be more encouraged to place them in different areas of the map. 

10) Laser weapons! What's a sci-fi game without them? Sadly, this one. But hopefully not for long. Flamethrowers exist, so why not these? (Maybe I'm just too low level and haven't seen them yet.) But I would like for laser weapons to be added to turrets and mechs. First, the regular laser repeater. 'Pew pew pew', small or medium damage output in fast single shots. Like a machine gun, only lasers. Next, the 'Beam Laser', a continuous stream of laser energy that deals higher damage, but has a cooldown between beams. The longer fired, the longer charge. Next up is the would be equivalent of semi-automatic snipers, a slow firing, heavy duty laser (turbolaser, like starwars), that melts enemy mechs and structures with extreme heat, and even splash damage unlike the previous two laser types. This would be a significantly heavy weapon, like Judgement Day, the rocket launcher. 

11) Mech armour and shields. Beginning with shields, I would like to see the addition of forcefields. A 45 Degree field of effectiveness, a curved wall of shield that is in-front of the mech that operates it, that can even defend mechs behind itself by catching the fire that might narrowly miss it. It's lack of all-around cover is a drawback, and it would be heavy too. The pay off is effectiveness when used by two or more assault mechs, and their higher capacity. They would function as either all-purpose shields, or individual (developer's choice). 

12) PvP changes. When a player inspects another player's base, a message should be sent to that player, reading "(name here [clan if present]) Has Scouted Your Base." And should also provide the player with that person's rank, mech squad rank and base rank. 

13) Player icons. Players should be able to chose icons for their picture, if their facebook picture isn't what they want to see. 

14) "Flagship" Mechs. Mechs are great, but we only have agile mechs, heavy duty mechs, and sniper mechs. So, here's a fourth. A Flagship mech is a mech designed to draw enemy fire, whilst supporting the other mechs. It can carry a lot of shield and armour, but swaps that out for few guns, two at most. It is a damage absorber to keep the other troops safe. (This would go perfect with selectable targets, see number 7) They could even have iconic names like "Potekmin", "Bismarck", "Enterprise", and other historical and famous titles! 

That is all, for now! Please email me or respond to me here, not sure how this site works, but I would love to know if this gets acknowledged by someone who works for the Titans development team! 
Ps, do you reward for used ideas? I would love to receive credits, or maybe an elite mech or something nice. 
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