Make a little easy to get Oil

1 Comments·Started 21 May 2018 12:54 PM
Am lvl 52 with lvl. 20 radar but it's really difficult to collect even 2.5 million oil after i clear the map -- beside banknotes and bosses base , why don't you make oil a little easy for players to collect...cos it's always the oil which always is in deficit.. awaiting for your feedback. Thanking you Isaiah Keppen
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  • Buggie_ManiaBuggie_Mania Buggie_ManiaComments: 148 Moderator
    Oil is a harder resource to get, as it's require for upgrading top structures. Sometimes you may feel that it's impossible to do, but it can be done! Yes, there will be times where it can be rather hard to save up but it can accomplished if you manage the budget effectively and save up! All players has this same conditions with supplies! Keep at it and do your best to improve your base defense as much as possible! 
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