Draws and Balance

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Commanders, Draws Update along with the Balance tweaks are finally coming!

Say goodbye to last minute draws!

Just like before, the Strike Group that earns more Stars wins the Battle. But once the Stars count is even, then the Action Points kick in!
So let’s get a little deeper into how Action Points work.

At the start of the battle, both Groups have 81 000 Action Points.
Seconds that Commanders spend on each attack multiplied by 10 are the Group Action Points spent. Strike Group with more Action Points left celebrates the victory.

—There will be no extra rounds.
—Attack timer starts ticking when a teammate hits the ‘Attack’ button. Once the attack is over, the timer pauses.

Time in between the attacks doesn’t count so you can plan your operation and make an attack at any time during Battle’s 24-hours period.
Still, a Commander who didn’t perform a single attack does not get the Crate.

And that’s when the Balance tweaks step in! First of all, to make battles more challenging and create opportunities for different attack strategies. And because we don’t want to leave you guys hanging without the Crate. The stronger the Battleships, the more the chance for each Commander to perform an attack whenever he or she wants!

Here are the tweaks:

—Increased HQ health at the Battleships and on personal base — at all levels.
—Reduced 16+ lvl Salvo and 21+ lvl Bombshell damage.
—Increased Battleship Defense and Structures health: Railgun, Nitrogun, Cannon, Rocket Battery and Uranium Reactor and Liberium Depot—again, at all levels.

We want to keep the Battles diverse and challenging, as well as the daily attacks. It will still be possible to make it through other Commanders’ bases, but it may cost more Destroyer Energy and troops casualties. You might need to figure out new strategies but the efforts worth it!

Several more fixes:

— Medics sometimes took too much interest in self-medication and ceased to support other troops. This problem will be solved.
— A hierarchy for training scripts has been set up — it used to layer under the other in-game windows like Battle results. Now the training script has priority so you will not miss it accidentally.
— Typos and description confusions will be terminated.

Let us know what you think about the update!
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  • Buggie_ManiaBuggie_Mania Buggie_ManiaComments: 148 Moderator
    edited May 2018
    This new update will be in place by next battle Wednesday 23. 2018. 
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  • mikey1204mikey1204 mikey1204Comments: 2
    congrats Playkot, you have followed in the footsteps of another once popular game(battle pirates) and made ridiculous changes in an effort to "balance" the game. you have started down the road of killing the game. i was already finding dead bases before this update where players had quit and given up. you just sped up the process. I myself will not spend any more money on this product.

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  • Buggie_ManiaBuggie_Mania Buggie_ManiaComments: 148 Moderator
    edited May 2018
    Hello @mikey1204, that base has been there for a while now but, as far as the update, it was necessary to make it a better balance for everyone in the game! Will everyone like it? NO! but it was something that needed to be done! Please give it sometime and see how things work out! Thanks! 
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  • mikey1204mikey1204 mikey1204Comments: 2
    well buggie, you can call it balance of the game but whwen my team cant kill 50% of the opponents ship yet they flatten ours that doesnt sound balanced to me.my team is extremely unhappy. another thing, i paid to get my nitro bombs fully upgraded for the duration and i am pissed that you shortened that. i dont like having something i PAID for taken away.
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  • Buggie_ManiaBuggie_Mania Buggie_ManiaComments: 148 Moderator
    Hello @mikey1204, sorry to hear that you are upset about the changes! It's something that needed to be balanced. If you have any further questions or issues about money being paid you can contact support by the below link! As I stated, please give it sometime and I think you will see it will help out a lot! Thanks!

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  • Great game and the best on facebook so I Dont like complaining as Tropic storm is great, but I agree the team draws are unfair and making it not worth wasting gears or money to even bother entering battles which is one of the fun points of the game, My team was level 7 and our last 4 battles were against level 8 teams that we did well against but have just upgraded our ship and become a level 8 team and since then in our first two battles we was paired with a level 11 and just with a level 10 that we obviously have no chance of beating no matter of tactics, It would be better if say you are level 8 you only get paired with level 7,8,9 teams or one battle a lower level one then a higher level one as its great now for the high level teams but we miss out on the goodies from battles and only fall further behind them till eventually teams wont be able to keep up and you get people who want to leave the team because you are losing even when everyone in our team attacks. Kind regards from STRIKE GROUP 1.
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