Changing the rules and Making Gear-ups useless.

0 Comments·Started 23 May 2018 10:58 PM
Dear Playkot: In this last battle on 05/23/2018 the attacks on the islands and battle ship by all team mates including myself fee;l that making the Troop gear-ups ineffective . Even against players at lower levels. almost 100% of our attacks were impossible even if they were 2 or more levels lower. I pay money before a battle for gear-up resources and you basically have made any purchase of this type a complete waste of my money and investment into the game. And second off. Why are you consistently changing the rules ? Especially right before a battle . Fair is Fair but please don't change the rules to suit your needs. Try coming up with a good solid base for your rules and then stick to them. You had some decent rules in the past but unfortunately you changed them so many times now it is not only confusing but totally unfair to all players paying or not. Please reconsider going back to some of the rules we could live with. And return the money spent on your product that you made worthless..
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