Why oh why have you decided to do upgrades that only benefit you .

3 Comments·Started 24 May 2018 08:59 AM
So after this battle we are about to loose at least 2 players from a team that has been together for over a year . This is because you have taken away what we already payed for and then charge us more per note to get it back . Our  crew Band of Bastards are not going to spend another penny on your game and more than likely we will stop playing . Thanks for that guys your greed has ruined a great game . We are a level 7 ship you have just put us up against a level 13 ship , We have NO chance in this mismatch and never will . what is the point of even trying to upgrade if you are going to screw us over in battles . I for one am done . Like many many more, You have overstepped the mark with your greed and the least you can do is give refunds for funds spent on upgrades that you have taken away , Also you put the price of bank notes up without prior warning again totally unacceptable to just put everything up and reduce what we have built without letting us know prior to this . I have to say i luv this game but your greed has ruined the game for most of us . Most games give upgrades to help there players and they last for ever but you guys are just taking away and expect us to just accept it , NO WE DONT !! 

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