Update: Smuggler 2.0 & New Chat Engine

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Ahoy, Commanders! Here are some details on this release: Smuggler changes and the new Chat engine!

— Smuggler now has more ways of exchanging the Patches: get it in exchange for Laboratory Materials (Alloy, Composite, and Polymer) and the Battleship Gear.

  • The cost of the Smuggler's stock refresh was significantly reduced. The initial cost of refreshing is 200 Banknotes instead of 500.
  • The balance of Patches obtaining is gradually shifting towards an exchange with Smuggler:
  • Smuggler now always offers two ways to get Patches — before this update, there was only one, and it wasn't always the resources exchange offer.
  • Liberating other player's base during the Strike Battle will bring you Patches only if the stars have been earned. No stars on a personal base — no patches are looted. Still, successful Battleship attacks keep getting you Patches just like before: even for a no-star attack :smile: 
! All the previously obtained Patches remain, the changes will affect only the upcoming events.

The Strike Group chat engine was also updated:

  • The max message length was increased to 400 characters (instead of 250).
  • A flock of post pigeons was replaced with a flock of carbon fiber copters to send and deliver your messages on time!
  • From now on, all those present and not present in the chat are displayed correctly: if the ally is online, his or her name is highlighted!
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