Update: New Bunker levels, new islands & Tiburona complexity

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A little update today, Commander!

✅ Bunker have now got an extra upgradable level!

At level 21, Bunker protects 89% of resources in Storages and Production buildings on your base. Bunker also stores 1,000,000 Gold, 550 000 Wood, 550 000 Steel, 550 000 Oil.

At level 22, Bunker protects 90% of resources in Storages and Production buildings on your base. Bunker also stores 1 400 000 Gold, 650 000 Wood, 650 000 Steel, 650 000 Oil.

✅ More than 20 new high-level islands. New islands' complexity corresponds to the new attack params that have been upgraded since the new Arsenal, troops and player levels were added. Available for players from level 68+.

✅ Tiburona's secret Bases' complexity has been corrected:

The following bases levels have been simplified: 12, 15, 17, 22 (for players with 13 and 14 HQ levels), 24, 36, 68 and 69.

The following bases levels have become a bit stronger: 20, 30, 40, 42, 22 (for players with 12 and 13 HQ levels), 43, 46.

✅ Nitrogun, Plazmatron and Acid Howitzer now have a hint that shows level, HP and Damage points. Recon and plan your attack, Commander!

Also, some minor bugfixes were done 🐞

🍀 A broken cell in the markup of a personal base has been fixed.

🍀 Smuggler's Patches are now available for collecting from 14th HQ level. All the Patches collected until this update will remain, but the new ones will be looted again after reaching the 14th HQ lvl, when the Smuggler comes.

🍀 Acid Howitzer now deals damage more evenly within a range radius.

🍀 Sometimes, the enemy's level when attacking his base could be displayed incorrectly — fixed now!
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