how to get rid of a leader

2 Comments·Started 02 July 2018 01:05 AM
hi our clan has a leader that has not played in ages ,we cant contact him ,he has not been on for so long how can we get rid of him
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  • newtonnewton newtonComments: 2
    I have contacted them 3 times as our leader has been out the game for more than six month his face book page has not been used since 20 17 so Iinformed the panel of this but makes no difference the will not even make me a officer to carry on not interested .So its gone on deaf ears IT makes you want to quite as ther is no fun one lossing all your liberina to dump as pots are full have lost over 1000 and more so its not any good asking as its no no no No more cash will be spent by this player till it is sorted
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