Special Offer: Chrysler Building and more (7/2/18)

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Have you checked a special offer yet?

The Chrysler Building and lots of other useful and beautiful city sights are waiting! By the way, some of them are with a discount and some of them drop keys for chests :)
Conditions and details are below the picture.

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  • Anastasiia_NesterovaAnastasiia_Nesterova Administrator Anastasiia_NesterovaComments: 76 ✭✭✭
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    ⏳ This special is available to get till July, 7 14:00 UTC (10:00 EST).
    ⏳ Each offer lasts for 12 hours once received!
    ❗ Level 17 required.

    🆕 New building announced: Chrysler Building

    • drops 2,650 coins, 3-6 energy, 4-6 pearls every 24 hours;

    • drops 3-4 keys during Mount Rushmore Chests offer;

    • requires 5x5 squares;

    • can be placed in any location.

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