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Welcome aboard, Commander!

We know you guys got a lot of bright ideas (so many of them were eventually transformed and implemented into the game!).

However, there are some things that were expressed as suggestions for future updates but were somehow declined. For various reasons, we had to abandon them at the development stage — some complicate the mechanics too much, others can disrupt the balance.

So, here is a list of ideas and suggestions that can not be implemented in Tropic Storm
  • Second builder
  • Construction and improvements queue 
  • Global chat
  • Player-to-player resources exchange
  • Revenge button
  • Multiple flares for different troops
  • Mobile version
  • Battleship/Player Level based matchmaking for Strike Battles

And why is that?

Second builder
It's the same old song, the current balance, upgrades speed and the amount of game content are optimized for one builder. The second builder will break the carefully verified balance. Also, adding a second builder at this point is unlikely to please those who developed their base with one builder.

In fact, the role of the second builder is accelerating for Banknotes: a player can use Banknotes to speed up the construction and run the next one.
But we're working on a construction speed-up in-game event to let players improve and level-up even faster!

Construction and improvements queue
Such a queue would become another Bunker — once the resources for the construction are spent, no one will be able to capture them. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, such bases will not have enough free resources, which means that the reward for attacking it will also decrease.

Global chat
Tropic Storm is a war game with activities built on the players' opposition. We do not want players to escalate the conflicts and see any kind of hateful speech—there won't be much use from such a chat.

Player-to-player resources 
Most likely, this innovation will please the players who want to help friends at lower levels, cause players of the same level lack the same kind of resources.

Sad to admit, but the exchange will ruin the balanced speed players progress at different levels and the in-game resources economy, and can also open up opportunities for various abuses.

Revenge button
We abandoned the idea of implementing this one, so as not to inflame players' relationship. Another reason is that players can unwittingly get into a vicious circle of resources exchange as a result of repeated mutual revenge.

However, there are ways you can take revenge on the attacker: if he or she appears on your map or you meet him or her as an opponent in Strike Battle. feel free to destroy the base and have fun! :)

Multiple flares for different troops
This will dramatically complicate the battle control and can potentially become a source of errors and complaints, so the team abandoned this idea at the development stage.

Mobile version
Developing a mobile version would require all efforts and all the time of our devs team. At this point, we would have to abandon all the plans to create new content. So we decided to focus all our efforts on the browser version.

Battleship/Player Level-based matchmaking for Strike Battles
The level of Battleship and players levels don't actually indicate the success and activity of players and Strike groups. But the Ranking points do—it reflects the real Battle successes of the group, its victories, and defeats.
Battleship level-based matchmaking would lead to the fact that players repeatedly met the same opponents. Players level-based matchmaking will probably destroy the tournament grid in such way that your Group will get matched with an opponent 10-20 levels higher or lower all the time!
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