What is Volcano?

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🌋 Commander! We have a new epic event for the Strike Groups—Volcano!

The Volcano will appear on your global map twice a month.
You will find the newest base: an armed with the latest technology and insanely dangerous Tiburona's refuge!

Any Strike Group members, regardless of level and staffing, will take turns attacking the base. The base is filled with guns and the latest prototypes of attack and health amplifiers, so we suggest you carefully recon and adjust your troops choice!

📜 Let's take a quick look at the basic rules of the new event.

 At the start of Volcano, each one of you will have 1 attack—use it to take turns attacking the Volcanic base.

 +1 extra attack every 90 minutes for each Strike Group member.

 +1 extra attack for the ones destroying the HQ.

 You can save up to 8 attacks, so don't spare them for too long!

 Also, any attack with any damage done brings you resources: gold, wood, steel, and oil. With some chance, you can get Laboratory Materials as well ⚙️

💾 The damage inflicted by your clanmates remains—just like in Strike Battles!

After HQ's destruction, the base rebuilds back again—even stronger and crazier! And a new stage begins. With each subsequent stage, the planning will become more complicated so you will need a great skill to win!

 A pleasant bonus for the most courageous ones: for each building destroyed on the base you receive Volcanium, which goes to the common piggy bank of your Strike Group.

Collect more Volcanium to rise higher on Volcano leaderboard. Strike Groups that are in TOP will be able to choose the best awards! 🥇🥈🥉

And the last but not the least. We don't want to overload players with too many activities that both require so much effort. Which is why the game schedule needed adjusting: The Global Operation will now run once in 3 weeks (next GO will start on August, 8). We're sorry for the inconvenience and hope you'll love the new event!  

>> Press here to read the FAQ to know it all about the Volcano Siege! <<

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