New unit: Zombie (03/27/18)

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New unit in the Dragonling's Store: Zombie 

To make the best use of his skills, let him join your army of the undead. Decay, rot, and poisoning are its elements.

Zombie is available to get in the Dragonling's Store from level 10.

Initial stats

  • Damage: 250
  • Health: 1600
  • Movement range: 2
  • Initiative: 55
Maximum stats
  • Damage: 2250
  • Health: 16150
  • Movement range: 5
  • Initiative: 155
Passive abilities

— Immune to fear, stun, control, poison and healing.
— Poisons all living enemies in 9 squares for 1 turn, poison inflicts 100 damage (1000 damage with full Zombie upgrade) — Deals 200% damage to poisoned targets. Each time the Zombie is attacked it's initiative increases by 16, 9 attacks restore the use of the “Decay” ability.

Active abilities

Decay — Instant ability, doesn't end the soldiers turn. All allied undead gain 25 damage, 200 injuries don't hurt them, and their attacks poison living enemies for 1 turn, the poison will inflict 100 damage. 3 attacks restore the use of the ability.

Undying Rot — For 1 turn, all undead in nine squares gain 100% protection. After being used, the ability takes 3 turns to refresh.
Out of the Grave... — Kills a poisoned target and in their place summons a Darke warrior ghost that is invincible for 5 turns. Ultimate ability.

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