Update: New Towers & Ent, Snow Queen and Seal of Darkness improvements (06/14/18)

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The Towers have turned into pumpkins!  We are here with some good news: we've redesigned the Towers and added the new, improved Towers to the Store!

In so doing,

 Old towers can be sold and the new ones can be bought in the Store at the very same price.
 All the improvements of the old Towers are extended to new ones!

So, what do the new Towers have that none of the old one have?

- Increased range radius and increased initiative.

- New Towers do not occupy the population.

- New Towers have a blind spot within a 3-square radius around it—deals no damage in this zone.

- The new Darke Tower in its turn increases the initiative and the damage of all military buildings (Seal of Darkness and other Towers).

- The new Ice Tower deals damage to the target and all the rest within a 2-square radius. Stuns living targets for two turns.

 New Towers cannot be placed on the field closer than in 6 cells from each other.

 You can place up to 8 Towers on the field.

Also, in this update:

 Snow Queen gets the Boiling Blood! — after its own turn or the turn of another soldier with this trait, gains a bonus to initiative for each other soldier's turn in the battle.

 You better get good with Ent:

- its damage ignores any protection;

- Ent is now immune to slowing down;

- The ultimate ability: Ent will act a second time and gains a huge bonus to initiative and speed. Caution!

 The Seal of Darkness has also acquired the ultimate ability: when it's the Seal of Darkness' turn it kills a random poisoned and burning target within 20 squares.

Let's have fun, Milords! Share your thoughts on an update in the comments below!

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