Update: Balance, Ent, and New Unit! (05/07/18)

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It’s updates time, Milord!

— The Ent, Frost Golem and Darke Tower combination now works as expected: The Darke Tower increases the initiative and damage of allied Ent and Frost Golem.

— As Assaults became more difficult, we decided to balance it a little and give some power back to heroes. Now the ‘Determined’ assault and ‘Warcry’ by Sir Galahan and Sir Crashton affect the whole allied army, including Demon and Maere.

— Scarecrow is now officially undead and acts like one

— Pay attention to the changed troops alignment in the Grand Tournament bets: the unique units will stand against each other!

— Undead cavalryman is a new unique unit in the Dragonling’s Store. We’ll tell more about him in the next post. Don’t miss it!
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