How many attacks do we have at the start of Volcano?

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Hi all,
I see some of you guys are confused with 'Attacks available' counter and wonder how many attacks you have when Volcano begins?

So here are little basics:
  • Each team member is provided with only 1 attack when the event first begins.
  • Each Volcano raid costs 1 attack.
  • +1 attack is provided every 1h 30min.
  • A maximum of 8 attacks can be stored.
  • One extra attack is given upon the completion of any stage.

This is pretty much how it looks when you see it for the first time:
'Attacks available' counter says that you got 1 out of 8 maximum possible number of attacks.
So basically, it shows the number of attacks available to spend VS. the maximum number of attacks you can store.

And once you go to raid the Volcano, you either take down the HQ or you don't. In case the HQ is down with your first attack, you got +1 extra attack as a bonus for completing the stage. In case you didn't manage to destroy the HQ with only one attack, you have no more attacks to spend:
And now all you need to do is wait till the 'Extra attack in' timer counts to zero—to get another free attack.

It's as easy as that! :) 

Hope this helps to clarify the confusions. In case you need any further assistance, feel free to ask!
Also, check out the FAQ and basic rules sneak peak!
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