[ 🔥 NEW! ] Laboratory: Viva la freedom of choice!

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Good news, Commanders!
Laboratory most long-awaited changes are here!
⚗ Laboratory engineers finally declassified their blueprints: from now on, you can pick the type of Gear you need! Viva la freedom of choice!
— You will only get 50% of your materials back when you cancel a production ♻
Since you can choose the type and power of Gear you need, there is no need to cancel production multiple times. Therefore, the return of Gear cost now works just like resources return when you cancel the upgrades.
— Laboratory gets a brand new facade.
🙌 ✨ Also, here are some interface improvements and minor bug fixes:
🔥 Obliterate faster than ever before!
Due to Obliteration, HQ is destroyed first now, shortening the waiting time and keeping your troops safe!
⏳ Find out when the next Volcano Siege starts: the times appeared in the upper right corner of the event window!
⚡ Fixed a bug that caused an automatic battle finish before all volleys falling down in case this hit is not giving any extra energy for more spells.
👓 The typos for Acid Howitzer and Medkit characteristics in their information window have been corrected – now Damage and Healing stats display correctly. Check out how good they really are!
⚠ Old attacks replays won’t be available due to update. Sorry for the trouble, Commanders!
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