Reinforcements, replays & HQ durability update

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Today’s update includes Reinforcement improvements, Battleship balance tweaks, and Technology swap.

Reinforcement improvements

Reduced twice the time for sending another reinforcement request.

You can now instantly embark Support Boats using Banknotes:

- Immediately help your Strike Group mates. This way troops from your Landing Crafts are not being taken.

- You can instantly embark your own Support Boats: in this case, you don’t even have to wait to send another request!

We have improved the Support Boats landing mechanism: when landing, the icons of Support Boats can be hidden to prevent an accidental landing.

The ‘Reinforce all’ icon is now available if you lost more troops while embarking.

The replays interface have been improved. Now you can see in the replay:

- troops level and class;

- Destroyer spells that have been used;

- the amount of Destroyer energy spent and received.

- also all the replays can now be fast-forwarded x2.

Battleship & Technology news

Increased Battleship HQ durability at all levels, except the first one.

Technologies of the 17th and 21st levels have been swapped. Now the ‘Thick shield’ will be available at the 17th Strike Group level, while the ‘50% Faster reinforcements’ has moved to the 21st level of the Strike Group.

These changes are designed to reduce the frequency of defeating the Battleship using Destroyer skills only, without even trying to land troops.

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